It was supposed to be a continent flowing with milk and honey.

But no in return, its a continent flowing with blood and diseases.

It was supposed to be a continent full of happiness and joy.

But no in return, it’s a land filled with pains and agony.

It was supposed to be a continent where all gains are not claims.

But no in return, it’s now where all individuals belong to the hall of fames.

It’s the continent of AFRICA


Africa! The land of my birth

Africa a continent where perpetrators are left walking on the streets.

And the innocent is victimised and brought to book and sent to the old bailey. 

Ooh!!! Mama Africa.

A land where our women and children serve as preys to the predators 

A land where the oldies speak to the youngsters in foreign languages 

Urging them to carry their luggages.

Africa! A land where our leaders put on coats.

And gallop along the coasts.

All in the name of playing a host

With the mindset of coming back to boast.

 Oh!!! Mama Africa… AFRICA MUST RISE.