Okay so recently there was a challenge that hit social media(Twitter, Facebook, IG) and it was about poetry spoken word to be precise. Kpodola is one of the biggest platforms in Ghana that promotes writers, poets and everything related to literature. Recently they runned a challenge called the #kpodolachallenge(and the Theme; Love is not enough) and its main purpose was to give opportunity to the underground poets and spoken word artist and i must admit it was successful.

Chronicles of Love is a spoken word session performed by M n Mine who I recently wrote about. (https://youtu.be/Pn6Qtk4QxKE click here to listen to Mi Ideal Lady) Creativity is a major factor when it comes to these stuffs, it puts you in the category of standing out among the rest. The question is do we consider the disabled when it comes to spoken word? No. I stand to be corrected. In Chronicles of Love M n Mine made it happen. Isn’t it love when you share fairly? Yes it is. As M n Mine was reading his poem, a sign language interpreter was alongside translating his readings and i thought that made it perfect or lemme say complete.

Love is not enough, should it be enough and why would it be enough” Love can never be enough so Let Love Lead

Click on the link below to watch and i can assure you disappointment will be the last thing to cross your mind.