Thursday 22nd September was my birthday and I really thank God for granting me this opportunity to be one of the living. When i woke up in the morning, finished dressing up for work, time was not on my side so I quickly maneuvered to prepare breakfast for myself, my mum was all prepared for work and about living the house, before she left all she could say was ‘nothing’ yes absolutely nothing. To be frank i was stun struck, did she forgot it’s my birthday. What has happened? Hmmm!!! Okay so as birthdays always require, well wishes, presents, spending time with family and friends and loved ones and so on. What has change all this events. 
 I remember when back in the days on our birthdays our parents (family) as soon as we wake up from bed will dust us with powder from head to toe and sing the happy birthday song for us. Then they say i will prepare oto with boils eggs (this is a local food prepare from boiled mashed yam, red oil mixed) with boil eggs for you. Then the family all assemble on the dining table to pray eat and send their well wishes and those who have gifts present them. (at least in my family and many others). 

This actually reminds me during the lives of our forefathers, before one can have such a meal, its only on special occasions(Christmas, festivals holidays even escape from a tragedy like accidents, birthdays etc) and they believe it symbolizes the commemoration and appreciation of that special day. Well it was such a special meal because you only get to eat it on special days and having your family present makes it complete and memorable. It sometimes end ups you(one having the special day) being pounded all over by the food. So what happened to all this practices?
Like scientists define the evolution of human beings from apes to humans apes to human beings, people change so as things too change and technology has played a major role in the modification of this primitive practices. It has make life easy and it has transformed our way of living.

Now these types of special food and events has been our daily meal and we eat it as and when we want to. Right now all we know is when its our special day, we plan to go spend the time at a restaurant, a recreational park either with our family or our love ones eat the same food we eat every day in the house and enjoy the day together. 

Less i forget the only thing that still remains and will forever will are the ‘wishes’ the kind, well wishes turked onto our lives by family and friends is the most important aspect of our birthdays.
Last but not least do you know even in this technological era we, some still find these old practices special and we hope for it to be practice all the time. It’s a symbolic of our culture and I think it’s more satisfying than the current usuality because we do it every when we want.