October has been a kind month. Though there has been ups and tedious downs, I can’t complain because in our down moments there is a lesson to be learnt. My sincere gratitude to the Almighty God for taking good care of my family, friends and I. October presented me with beautiful events which is stored in memory for ever. The road had been long and muddy, even an inch away from tragedy but the people whom I rode along with made it a meaningful ride.We hope to see another October in 2017.

November, Akwaaba. Today marks the beginning of another journey of 30 days. The last time November came our way was in 2015. The most amazing and wonderful month in that year. I quite remember the hangouts, the tours, uniting with new people and the birthday parties. That was a month to remember! No doubt, Adowa Chame’s birthday was the best. The turnup was lit. Those memories will never be erased from my mind not for all the kenkey in Accra.

There you are again, November. I will relive the beautiful events of what transpired in this month last year. I recall Jeon wanting to preform an acrobatic trick because he wanted to impress Julia with his dance moves. He ended up fracturing his tibia and fibula. I remembered because it is etched in my mind and it was the very best episode in 2015. I wish I was born in November since it is my favourite month.

In this month, I pray God nullifies all the plans and plots of our adversaries. Lord, cause all evil attacks to fail. Amen.You also will be blessed with memorable moments in November. Happy new month 2017

Peace, Power, Passion for what you do and anytime of think of a pray , say one for me.